Could an Inexpensive Piece of Metal Protect Your Company's Reputation?

Many professional contractors don't know about the potential problem of decay hidden in the walls of the fine homes they build, or the simple and inexpensive way this problem could have been avoided.

Without our solution, a house will have external walls that look perfectly fine for years - while inside, an ever-increasing amount of black rot and mold is eating up formerly healthy material. That mold will spread invisibly into the household air. Unfortunately, by the time the homeowner sees the problem, it's usually too late.

The Solution

Kickout Flashing is installed where a lower roofline ends up against a vertical wall. It “kicks out” the water directly into the gutter. Without this piece, the water can miss the gutter and get trapped behind the siding. This causes mold, rot, and even structural damage that will be hidden for many years

Uncoated kickout flashingsand kickout flashing As a professional contractor, you prefer to build right the first time and minimize liability down the road. You'll be pleased to know how simply and easily Kickout Flashing works. It's less than a foot square piece of metal or plastic, and installs where the edge of the roof and the external wall meet. It's bent so that it fully channels rainwater into the gutter below it. And it comes in a wide variety of colors.

If the roof is like this, then you won't have this problem.

But if the roof has a vertical wall extending beyond it like this, then without Kickout Flashing, it is entirely possible that moisture and mold damage will destroy the inner wall. Kickout Flashing will fully protect these spots.

The advantages of aluminum Kickout Flashing

  • Plastic degrades in the sun's UV rays and from weather fluctuations.
  • Our heavy-duty 3003 alloy aluminum (0.040″ thick!) provides excellent corrosion resistance for many years. You can also get it powder coated for a surface that is even more durable than paint.
  • Our powder coated aluminum won’t break down due to alkali hydroxides from concrete materials.

Kickout Flashing is the right choice!

Welded to create a strong, permanent and water-tight joint which is far superior to a field-formed kickout that is sealed with caulking.

Don't “build-in” a liability for your valued home-owning clients. Invest in Kickout Flashing now.

Discounts are available for volume purchases.

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