Could a Ten Dollar Piece of Metal Avoid Thousands in Home Repairs?

Most people don't know about a problem with decay hidden in their walls. Or the simple and inexpensive way this costly problem could be avoided. Are you one of the many unsuspecting homeowners that haven't installed Kickout Flashing?

Many thousands of homes have external walls that look perfectly fine for years - while inside an ever-larger cancer of black rot and mold is eating up formerly healthy material. That mold is spreading invisibly into the household air. Unfortunately, when you finally start to see a problem, that means it's too late.

What happens when you hire someone to look? An increasing pile of cladding is removed, revealing a rotten inner wall below.

The Solution

Kickout Flashing is installed where a lower roofline ends up against a vertical wall. It "kicks out" the water directly into the gutter. Without this piece, the water can miss the gutter and get trapped behind the siding. This causes growing mold, rot, and even structural damage - that will be hidden for many years

Are you a proactive person who likes to take care of problems before they get out of hand? Someone who doesn't relish the thought of unhealthy mold spreading invisibly through your home? You'll be pleased to know how simply and easily Kickout Flashing works. It's less than a foot square piece of metal or plastic, and simply installs where the edge of the roof and the external wall meet. It's bent to channel running rainwater fully into the gutter below it.

That's all – and it usually only costs $10-$17!

The thousands of dollars it will take for a contractor to remove all of that old, rotted wall, install a fresh new wall, and then finish the exterior would all have been avoided by this piece of equipment.

If your roof is like this... then you can't have this problem.

But if your roof has a
vertical wall extending
beyond it, like this..

...then without Kickout Flashing it is entirely possible that moisture and mold damage is destroying the inner wall. Kickout Flashing will fully protect these spots.


Plastic degrades in the sun's UV rays and in weather temperature differences. But what if you could pay the same price for an aluminum product that is far heavier and will last years longer?

Our 0.040" heavy aluminum Kickout Flashing provides excellent corrosion resistance for many years. You can also get it Powder Coated - which is an even more durable surface than paint - for many decades of rust-free service.